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Posted August 18, 2009 by hotandsexyasiangirls
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My name is Lena. As it turned out, and I damn whore. One day in May when I graduated from the course I have 1 with his 2 sexy asian girls friends sat at his apartment. They drank wine, chatter, I moved a bit and then one of my girlfriends invited to call Lenyu. That boy they met during the summer.

I was drunk and agreed to. The boy was not noodle. We drank for the introduction and so on. When the wine is over, we sent Lenko for vodka. I drank about 200 grams and I tipsy. Then I do not remember. Woke up lying on the bed. Nearby sat Lyonka, another sexy asian girls. I sat, the head was sick, I do not savvy. Suddenly Lyonka pridvinulsya me and embraced me. I put his head on his shoulder she sitting. And then he started kissing my lips. I tried to uvorachivatsya, and he started kissing my neck and go down below the breast. Breast I have 3 sizes. Therefore, I immediately felt his hot lips.
His free hand zalezla I climbed under the skirt and under shorts. I started to moan.

Aa Ah cha ah yes but I want more. And very own hands Zadran skirt. At this he chuckled and said that it must be earned. Drunk and excited, I did not care. I rasstegnula him to fly and styanula his jeans and he has to pull off my blouse. Suddenly, my head is round and I put it to him between the legs. Stumbled upon the head of his member firm. She sat back his back and his mouth got me in the hair of his eggs. I started to lick and zaglatyvat. Yes come on come on come on damn whore moo it to me. I climbed to its members before the start of her head and suck. He was this little pokazadlos he grabbed me and lifted up to the knees and sit on the sofa, I was standing in a pose of cancer on the couch and suck him while he lazal one arm of the shifts in the other shorts myal my chest. Lord, how well I think so yes, I want to caress please beg. Last I talked to vidmo hearing. Oh, the nipple, he responded zabormotala Your business bitch suck. And grabbed me by the hair began nasazhivat my head on his count. He he has a small 15 cm probably why I included the normal lips moved so that they cling tightly his free hand and moved his shorts and began paw clitoris. Suddenly I was hit on the ass is not smey bitch, until I was satisfied. I further shoot his lips. After 2 minutes it stopped. Up and get out of their Jeans condom. Forced to put teeth in its count. Lord, what I am doing. I am pretty proud girl create a sexy asian girls. As I put the condom, it overshadowed my panties aside and lazil in my pussy with his hands. How well a pleasure to have another start, I moan. He raised my head from its members. I rvanulas to his lips and got slap in the face. I am not sosalkami sosus. Damn clear you pull quickly on dick. I sat in tears to his knees, panties and pushed his hands Nashar member has put into his little girl. It was easy because I am terribly entire flow of excitation. Lena said, let’s raise our жопу I do not want to work. Sneh had the most squirm at its huye, but it’s paw my chest as I struggled to bring yourself pleasure. 5 minutes later, he grabbed my legs lifted them to his shoulders, spihnul with the tribes on the floor and began to fuck me fast. Ah AH AHa AHA AHAaa I can not stand the pace of the start to shout. He was not paying attention to it continued. After a minute he had finished. Poelozil in me for a moment and fell on the sofa. I lay on the floor with the back the legs and nothing to know. Do me now vyebli with severely swept in the head later. Lord as I can as I could. And my friend pinnuli foot slightly in the stomach. Lez whore on a sofa and a pure joy. I proshipela so you went to … and received a leg kick in the face. Zalezla I dissolved in tears on the sofa and began to rent it prezik how to get a rap on the knuckles. No need to bitch mouth and then swallowed a damn clear. бля? I submitted to, I was broken. I zaglotila his dick and nascharila lips end of the condom pulled over and pulled his attempted prozhevat.

Seeing this sexy asian girls grabbed my lip and squeezed them proshipel face down so bitch or even want to face? I did not want to. Please do not do it, I do. And swallowed. Then he cleans a member, I uslashala snatch of conversation so as not doing vyeb just bitch with hatoy now will hang there, “I did not know that I am waiting